The SEAX Trust
The SEAX Trust

The SEAX Trust

The SEAX Trust is a multi-academy organisation in Essex, whose focus is providing for pupils with special educational needs (SEN).

Having previously built their website themselves, they decided to approach us after seeing work we had done with previous clients.

We were briefed to create and develop a more professional online presence for the Trust, while at the same time reflecting their values and vision.

SEAX needed a website that would be easy for them to maintain. The Trust has strict requirements to publically display all legal documentation. During the creation process we made this element of the website as intuitive and simple as possible in order to meet the client’s needs.

In time we will be updating websites of each Academy within the SEAX Trust. Designing each site so that it is easily recognisable as belonging to the Trust, utilising the same branding and design, whilst also reflecting the individuality of each academy.

Services undertaken:

Website Design