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01 June 2018

Twist rebrands as Digital Spirit

by James Cottis

In 2006 Twist Interactive Design was established and now, 12 years on, it's time for change.

We've long had our Christian faith at the foundation of our ethos as we successfully served many clients of all shapes and sizes, but now we feel it is the time to steer our business on a more focused path.

What direction are we going in?

We are all blessed with a unique set of gifts, and it is a privilege to use those gifts to help others. We feel really passionate about using our web and design skills to help non-profit organisations achieve their goals.

What does this mean for our current clients?

We are incredibly thankful for our current client base and wouldn't be where we are today without you! A large percentage of our clients are already non-profit organisations. And whilst we won't be taking on new clients that don't meet the criteria of our company mission, our existing relationships are highly valued; we will continue to serve you exactly as we have done in the past.

What does this mean for Twist Interactive Design?

Our limited company status will remain, but we are branching out with a new trading name to reflect our values - Digital Spirit.

Our email, logo and website will change (but don't worry, your messages will still reach us on the old addresses). We'll be updating our social media presence too, so keep an eye out for the new look!

If you have any questions about this change please drop us an email or visit our new website -

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