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26 September 2014

Meta what?

by Michelle Cottis

Meta data is a key element for SEO, but what is it, and where is it?

Meta data is information that describes other data. In the context of a web page, the meta data is hidden code that isn’t visible to the user, but the search engines can read it and use it to determine what your website is about, and subsequently how relevant it is to someone searching for a product or service on the web. The search engines use other information too, such as the text on your website, and other websites that link to or reference your own.

You can view the meta data of any web page by going to ‘View source’ on your browsers menu. Depending on the browser, this is often found under Options or Developer tools. Many browsers use the Ctrl + U shortcut to view the source code.

Don’t be put off by all the HTML code!

Your meta data should always be near the top. Look out for the following HTML tags:

  • <meta name=’keywords’ content=’your search terms or keywords should go here’ />
  • <meta name=’description’ content=’a sentence describing the web page should go here. This is the description you see on a search engines results list’ />
  • <title>The title of the page should go here. This is the text visible on your browser tab</title>


View the page source for each of the pages on your website. Are they descriptive? Are they relevant and relate to your product or service on the webpage? Do the keywords reflect what you’d expect a potential customer to be looking for?

It goes without saying that you are the most qualified person to describe your business, product or service. Look at the 3 main meta items: keywords, description and title, for each page of your website and see if you can improve upon it.


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