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06 July 2017

Is your business website legal?

by Sophie Hewson

Running or starting up a business is hard work; there are so many details to keep track of, and so little time.

However there’s something important you might want to think about ASAP… Does your website meet the UK legal requirements?

Many wonderfully designed and successful websites currently fall foul of the law without seeming to realise it. Get your website wrong in legal terms, and you could be facing damage to your reputation, plus some hefty fines.

We are aware that knowing how to stay on the right side of business law is always complicated for business owners. So how do you know what information to include for your particular business?

At bare minimum your website must:

• Display your business information, e.g. your registered office address and VAT number.

• Detail privacy information, including whether you collect personal data or not.

• Disclose information about the Cookies you use.


Unfortunately, if you run an e-commerce site or online shop, then you’ve got a few more legal requirements you need to be aware of!

You’ll need to give your customers much more information such as order confirmation and cooling-off period details. As an online store you need to have explicit terms of business visible on your website to protect your business and keep to the right side of the law.

You must make sure that the business terms for your e-commerce site cover at least the following basic information:

• The nature of your goods and services.

• All delivery information, including charges and times.

• Cancellation procedures and consumer rights.

• Supplier details.

However business websites that are legally watertight will include a lot more than this in their terms and conditions. There’s a reason that many sites contain a lengthy ‘terms of use’ page - it’s meeting the legal need; knowing what your terms & conditions should include is very important!


Another tool connected with your website that is also governed by UK legal requirements is your business email communications. Your email footer must have all the required information about your business, plus a disclaimer if needed. Importantly, don’t forget that legal requirements for websites change over time - especially in the tech world. Generally, the Law lags behind developments in the tech industry, so best practice therefore is to do more than you legally have to. This way your business stays up-to-date, protected into the future, and gives your reputation a boost at the same time!


However for business owners who don’t meet the UK legal standards there are a number of possible consequences.

• Fines - by the Information Commissioner’s Office or Trading Standards.

• Compensation claims - by individuals suffering loss due to your failure to comply.

• Reputational damage in both your industry and current/future clients.


But don’t panic!

Twist Interactive Design have teamed up with Legalo, the online legal resource, and thankfully they know everything there is to know about the legality of websites. For further details, check out this article

Legalo would love to help you & your business FREE OF CHARGE by supplying you with three high quality, easy to use, up to date and pre-prepared legal templates; a privacy policy, terms of use and email disclaimer.


This special offer is open to all existing and new customers of Twist. So, why wait?


To claim yours, get in touch at or by calling 0333 355 4900.

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