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26 July 2013

72 Hour website - Day 3

by Michelle Cottis

72 Hours later...

We've learned a lot, we've drunk a lot of tea and eaten a fair amount of cake and chocolate, but sadly we missed our target.

The Twist site just isn't quite there yet, there is still some testing to be done and polishing off. Our standards are high, and James said to himself

"If this site was for one of our clients, would I be happy to send it to them?"

The answer was 'No', so we aren't going live just yet. It's time for us to focus our attention back onto our client projects, and we'll be scheduling some more 'Twist Development Time' in after the summer break.

Although we're disappointed that we haven't achieved our goal, we're so nearly there, and we'll let you know as soon as the site is launched.

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