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22 July 2013

72 Hour website - Day 1

by James Cottis

I’m sure this will be familiar with those of you run your own business. We spend so much time on our client’s work, that we neglect your own.

We’re the web designers who have a half built website, and never have a spare moment to finish it.

Michelle has put her foot down.

“Block out the diary for 3 days. Stay all night if you have to.”

This is the goal. Design and build a new Twist website in 72 hours.

So we are.

We started at 9:30am on Monday 22nd July, and we plan to Go Live at 9:30am on Thursday 25th July.

Targets for Day 1 are:

  • Install the CMS on our web server (Andy)
  • Design the homepage, portfolio inner pages and the blog (James)
  • Build portfolio and homepage (Andy)
  • Content completed for homepage, process, blog entries and some portfolio items (Michelle)
  • Eat Linda’s (Andy’s lovely Swedish wife) homemade chocolate cake (All)

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