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06 December 2016

5 reasons why you need to sell online

by Sophie Hewson

For any retailer, the run up to Christmas can be a busy time of year. The US-imported ‘Black Friday’ hit our shores in 2014 and caused havoc amongst shoppers in stores throughout the UK - who can forget the images of people stampeding towards TVs in Asda? The time leading up to Christmas has only become busier.

This year’s Black Friday marketing campaign lead to a 12% rise in online spending and 2015’s Black Friday was reported as the UK’s biggest day for online sales ever. It seems that in the UK at least, Black Friday has become more of an online event.

Any retailers who don’t have online shops could be missing out on big potential Black Friday and Cyber Monday profits. But that’s just 1 or 2 weeks of sales out of 52. Why do you need to sell online for the rest of the year?


1. You can offer a much wider range of products

Customers like choice. Unless you have a shop the size of Harrods, you’re likely to have restricted space. By selling online, you can offer your customers a much wider range of things to choose from.


2. Customers can see product reviews

Lots of people buy online because they like to see how other people rate products before they buy them. Having an online shop can enable you to encourage these reviews in a way that just wouldn’t be possible in a physical shop.

3. You could open up a whole new customer base

Many people these days are time poor. They don’t want to waste their time by travelling too far to buy what they want. By opening up an online shop, you can sell to people based in Edinburgh, even if your shop is based in Exeter.

Having an online shop means that you can reach a much larger customer base.


4. Image

With more people choosing to do their shopping through their smartphones and their computers, it can look odd to customers if you don’t have an online shop. This could have a negative effect on your brand.


5. It’s easy to set up your online shop

By using an ecommerce platform such as Shopify, you can quickly and affordably launch your online shop. The great thing about Shopify is that because it’s a fully hosted platform, there are no expensive development and maintenance costs. This will allow you to use more of your budget to focus on creating an online shop that is appealing to potential customers.

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