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07 July 2015

15 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

by James Cottis

Over 80% of businesses now use social media to connect with customers. With platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, your business can reach a much larger audience, and generate a lot of online exposure for your brand. But are you using these platforms to their full advantage? If your social media strategy could do with a boost, try these top tips to help increase your stats.


Share, share, share

It may sound silly, but by sharing other people’s content on your page, you can actually increase your Facebook following. By sharing something that appeals to the interests of your audience, you’ll actually be gaining more of their interest and attention. Simple!

Post on weekends

Most people generally have more free time on their hands at the weekend, and will no doubt be checking Facebook to see what’s going on. Since not many brands post on the weekends, there’s going to be less competition in the newsfeed. Remember to make your posts ‘weekend friendly’, by focusing on topics such as family, entertainment, and weekend activities.

Run a contest

With most feeds being jam packed with gossip from friends and paid posts, it can sometime prove difficult to get people to spend even just a few minutes on your page. Running a contest can boost engagement, by attracting users that might not have interacted with your page for a while, and will refresh your brand in their memory.


Network locally

Find out what your local hour is, and set a reminder to take part. For example, if your business is based in or around Chelmsford, you would take part in the Chelmsford hour. These are simply one hour on a certain day of the week when local businesses can connect with each other, and generate potential B2B leads, by posting tweets with the hashtag for their local hour (e.g. #ChelmsfordHour).

Share images

Try and include more images among your tweets. People are more likely to notice a tweet that has an image, and it will gain their interest. Engagement rates for tweets with images, are much higher than those with just text, especially if the image is relatable.

Ask a question

Social media is the number one place people love to share their opinions. Research shows that 21% of users are more likely to respond to a tweet written as a question. Make it friendly, and interact with your followers.


Become an All-Star

All-Star is LinkedIn’s highest rating for profiles and it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. With All-Star status, you’ll benefit from a higher ranking in search results.

Take a look at these 5 steps to becoming an All-Star.

Publish your blog posts

LinkedIn users now have the ability to create blog style posts, and some businesses are using them to boost their reputation, connections and client conversions. You can group your business blog posts to LinkedIn, and won’t be penalised by Google for duplicate content.

Be visual

You can boost your LinkedIn profile by adding a custom cover, photos of your work, videos, and SlideShare presentations. These features can have a big impact on the visual appeal of your profile, so it’s important to take advantage of them.


Push people to your profile

Instead of loading an image to your website or blog, load it to Instagram and use the embed tool to add an html code to your site that pushes people to your Instagram profile. You should also use the Instagram feature of being able to share your images across other social media platforms, in order to get your audience engaged, and increase your following.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t strictly for use on Twitter. Hashtags on Instagram are used so people can find images related to a particular topic, theme or occasion. Adding relevant hashtags to your image description will enable users to find it. For example, if your business sold wedding dresses, you would use hashtags relevant to the industry, and what was in the image. However, it’s important not to use too many, as this can put people off.

Use context

Instagram can be an excellent way of showing off your products, but it’s best to avoid using the platform as a catalogue. Show your products being used by customers, or your products being made.


Add a ‘Pin it’ button

Placing a ‘Pin it’ button on or near the images on your site, allows readers to share it straight to Pinterest. Depending on how many followers that particular reader has, it’s a simple way to get your product in front hundreds of potential new clients.

Post links to individual boards

Not everybody is going to want follow all of your boards, especially when some might not be of any interest to them. Post links to individual boards, and readers will be more likely to follow them and want more.

Apply to make your pins ‘rich’

Rich Pins are images pinned for your website or blog that get extra attention by including further information on the actual pin. Your site is named as the source of the pin, your logo is shown, and a snippet of the post that the image came from is shown.

Take a look at Pinterest's 'How To' guide on applying for rich pins.

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